How To Repair Your Credit The Legal Way – Part 1

We all want great credit right? Sometimes we make decisions that lead to bad things that affect our credit in bad ways. There are things that we can do to take our rating back and repair it.

By law the credit companies have 30 days to resolve a dispute. However they’re not exactly to be trusted on this. Sure they mention it in their f.a.q., but they do it in a passing manner as if it’s something that they only loosely have adhere to. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have to resolve the issue¬†within 30 days or take it off your report with no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You do however have to point it out that you are keeping track of that clock that’s ticking down or they just might forget to take that account that’s being disputed off. I’ll show you how to keep track of that 30 day clock and make sure that they mind their p’s and q’s.

Before we move on I would like to point out a book that goes more in depth of this subject. Far more than I could here. Hidden Credit Repair Secrets: 3rd Edition is a great book on credit repair and I highly recommend it. If your credit is seriously bad, stop here and buy this book now.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can move on to the basics. You’ve heard of the web sites that can give you the credit reports online. The only one I can recommend at this time is Annual Credit You can get your report free, once a year or whenever you have been denied credit or employment. Other than that I would highly recommend that you get it by requesting a hard copy of your report by writing to each company and paying a nominal fee for it. In California it’s $8.00 per report. The paid for reports in my opinion go a little deeper and it’s better to have a hard copy of it for your records. A word of warning. Do not go through any website to file a dispute. This will give the companies an extra 15 days to resolve the dispute and you do not want that. You just want to give them the 30 days and no more. Get these reports as soon as you can. You need to know what is going on before you can even begin to fix your credit. Once you get that, continue on to part two.

Disclaimer: You have a right to remove inaccurate information off your credit report. The information on your credit report must be 100% accurate. Once disputed the information must be verified, updated or deleted within the 30 days given by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This post does not however tell you how to remove accurate information and does not claim in any way that the information provided will do that. Also, I am in no way a credit repair company and do not claim to be one. Should you require the help of a credit repair company I do suggest you contact one. If you need help with a reporting agency and you have tried all the methods in this series or within the suggested book, it is suggested that you contact an attorney that specializes in this field.