Solaray PRO ZX-1 Review

I bought the Solaray PRO ZX-1 from Amazon over a year ago. During that time I’ve seen opinions ranging from not so good to great about it. I thought I would throw my hat into the ring as far as opinions go.

I needed a great tactical flashlight for my EDC, and for use during dog walks, around the house, camping trips and whatever else I can use it for. The problem is that I didn’t know what a good tactical flashlight would or should be. So I went on to Amazon and searched for tactical flashlights. Several came up with various review ratings. I was looking for a small rugged tactical light that could put out some candle power but didn’t break the bank. I didn’t want one that was cheap either and could possibly die within months of use. The ZX-1 had a decent rating, looked like it was made of aluminum and looked like it was packed with the power I needed. It said it had a maximum of 1200 lumens. I ordered the unit and it came quickly.

At the time I ordered it the ZX-1 flashlight kit came with the flashlight itself and it’s accessories. The flashlight runs on lithium batteries so it came with not one but two 18650 lithium batteries in a nice plastic case and a dual battery charger. It also came with a converter that holds three AAA batteries to use in a pinch. A plastic sleeve also comes with it. You use that as a spacer when using the flashlight with the lithium battery so don’t lose it. It also came with a belt clip and a lanyard. As a bonus, it came with a nifty little keychain led light that charges itself with a small solar chip on it when you leave it in the sun. I’m not sure if they include those now. Just on a note, if you do use the converter for AAA batteries just know that it won’t be as bright as it would be when using the lithium batteries.

The whole thing was packaged in a nice flip open gift box with an outer sleeve to hold everything closed. I still have it to hold the accessories that I don’t currently use, it was just too nice to get rid of.

The flashlight has five modes:

  1. Bright
  2. Medium
  3. Low
  4. Disrupter Flash
  5. S.O.S

The head of the flashlight actuates a zoom feature allowing you to control the width of the beam. Pushing the head out focuses the beam and pushing it in widens the beam. It’s all clearly marked on the side.

The body of the ZX-1 is made entirely of metal. That includes the cap protecting the front which a ridged. This makes it great for self-defense. Those ridges would make a poke in the face really hurt. The body is textured for a good grip. Everything screws together tightly to make it water resistant. I’ve dropped it a few times and it has survived quite nicely. The only thing that isn’t metal on it is the rubber switch in the back, which is fine and the lens is not made of glass, it’s made of plastic. This is my only cause for concern since Solaray doesn’t offer replacement parts on its site should it get scratched. However, in the year I’ve owned it the lens hasn’t received a single scratch (knock on wood and I hope it never does).

The lithium battery has a very long life. I’ve gone as much as two months without a recharge before I noticed the light dimming. As I said before I use this light for everything. It’s always near me. It has never failed since I got it. It still looks good. If I had to buy another tactical light I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another. However, it appears that this one is going to give me years of service before it gives up. I highly recommend getting it.

Price: $59.95