Wheel Witness HD Pro Dash Cam Review

I’ve been driving in Los Angeles for a long time, and I consider myself an extremely safe driver. I’ve never been in an accident that was my fault. I have been burned by drivers who blamed me, for the accident they have caused. Case in point; one incident where I was rear ended by someone, and since they didn’t want to go through the insurance he offered me $200 to go on my way, and forget about it. Since he was at fault; he was worried that his insurance would increase his fee which he said he couldn’t afford. I said no, and called the police. Unfortunately, they refused to send someone, and I didn’t insist on them sending an officer. That was a big mistake on my part. He lied to the insurance company saying I backed into him when in fact I moved forward in an attempt to avoid the collision. If I had a dash cam like the Wheel Witness HD Pro, it would have saved me a lot of grief.

The Dash Cam

Product Image Model Name Resolution Display Size Has G-Sensor Has GPS View Angle Night Vision Current Price
   Wheel Witness HD Pro 2306x1296P ~3″ Yes Yes 170° Yes  Check Price

I’ve had this dash cam for a little over two months now. It’s seen a lot of driving so far, and I’ll put some sample videos below for you to see. The resolution is fantastic and the viewing angle is a whopping 170 degrees. That’s big enough to capture a full windshield view from side to side, top to bottom when you position the camera correctly.

Recording Video

Wheel Witness resolution is rated at 2560x1080p or a maximum of 2306x1296p and the format is super high def so the picture is nice and crisp. When I bought the camera it came with a bunch of stuff. It came with a free 16 GB Class 10 MicroSD card which should record 4 hours of video at the highest resolution before it starts to loop record. Loop recording comes standard with this dash cam meaning that as long as there’s a card in it, it will continue to record. When the space in the card runs out the oldest video will be recorded over. The dash cam supports a maximum size of 64 GB MicroSD card. If you use the card it comes with I do suggest you bring it in every other day or so to download the video. I personally only care if there’s something interesting or an incident happens. The Wheel Witness has an incident feature where you press the menu button and it will move the video to a directory where it will not be written over by the looping.

Another feature the dash cam has is the ability to record audio. You do have the option of turning this off if you like. I leave it on.

Wheel Witness also has a motion sensor feature which is used when the car is stationary and hardwired. When set on, any motion in the camera’s field of view will trigger an event, the camera will record the time and will lock that particular video so it won’t be overwritten by looping.

G-Sensor and Memory Lock

Wheel Witness has a gravity sensor chip which can sense when the vehicle undergoes a sudden change in motion. Like when the vehicle comes to a sudden stop or acceleration usually it’s an accident that causes it. The device will detect it and this will trigger a memory lock of the video being taken at the time. Like when you do it manually by pressing the menu button the video is marked so that it won’t be written over by the looping. This feature is actually used when the vehicle is stationary or for other special applications.

ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System

One of the features Wheel Witness comes with is ADAS. This is optional, you can choose to either have it on or off. This feature comes with three warnings. A lane departure warning, a low light warning to remind you to turn your headlights on, and a driver fatigue warning which displays a warning picture and a constant tone and the same warning will follow every two hours after that.


The Wheel Witness is GPS enabled. Rather than have the GPS built in it is a separate unit that can be plugged into a port on the side. When plugged in the device will embed the GPS coordinates into the video file while it’s recording. Wheel Witness suggests a viewer made by Datakam called Registrator Viewer. When viewing with the software it displays Google maps in real time as you’re playing the video.

Setting It Up

Wheel Witness comes with one suction cup, and two stick-on mounts and a power cord to plug into a cigarette lighter outlet. It also comes with a 16 GB MicroSD card. Pop it in before you mount it on your windshield and Bob’s your Uncle, you’re done. The video settings can be tweaked but the default settings do a great job.

I highly recommend the Wheel Witness HD Pro dash cam if you need one that’s pretty much a setup and go product. Among the other dash cams for sale on Amazon, it has a great rating.

Buy the Wheel Witness HD Pro Dash Cam here.